You can trust Faith Shiva to help you with regular chores too. Our aim is to make you feel cared for, and comfortable at all times. Our caregivers can provide you with the personal care you are looking for. We take it as our responsibility to reduce your challenges and ease things out for you. 

Our aim is to provide best quality service.We work to make your personal tasks hassle-free too by lending a helping hand at every step

We Take The Responsibility To

  • Inform you about your rights and encourage you to practice them regularly.
  • Give you the support you need by making sure your right to freedom of expression and decision making skills are not suppressed. 
  • Make sure that you are in control of your services. You get to call the shots and make informed choices for yourself.
  • Keep you in the loop with any advancements or changes in your program or support plan. 
  • Mould our services around your cultural, religious, spiritual beliefs, and accommodate any changes that you may like us to make.

Your Rights Include

  • Getting the necessary support that promotes, respects, and also upholds your legal as well as human rights. 
  • You must get the support that respects your various beliefs, values, and the culture you come from.
  • Your privacy needs to be protected and must be kept in mind at all times.
  • The support you receive must be free from discrimination, abuse, or prejudice on any basis. 
  • You should have the power to make your own informed decisions and make changes in the kind of support you get as and when you please.